Relaxation Massage

Dean ColfordRelaxation Specialist – Dean Colford – Mind Body and Soul Founder and Executive Director uses a unique combination of modalities such as; relaxation massage, cognitive behavior strategies, gentle music, guided mediation and centuries old breathing techniques.

These combined modalities will create an enhanced multi faceted approach bringing together the Mind and Body for this unforgettable healing experience.

Balance your over all Mental – Physical – Spiritual and Emotional Well-Being 3 in 1

Relaxation Massage – Chakra Balancing – Meditation

Your appointment will be 1 hour in duration – Cost: $65.00
Mind Body and Soul Self Help Support Centre Inc Will provide a Tax Receipt for your charitable donation.

All proceeds go toward supporting Mental Health and Wellness Support Group Programs such as:
* Support Groups
* Mental Health and Wellness through
* Art and Meditation Classes
* Walking/Hiking
* Swimming and Social ( does not include cost of admission )
* Coffee Time – Get together have tea or coffee and chat

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