Relaxation Massage

Healing the Mind, Body and Soul:

Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally

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DSCN1816Dean Colford will take you on a healing journey of the mind, body and soul. Dean will perform a Reiki and Chakra clearing session followed by a relaxation massage. The Reiki treatment will accelerate the healing process within the body, assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages, and help the client contact the ‘healer within’.

 The Chakra clearing can assist with the following: eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem, addictions, anger, anxiety, nervous disorders to mention a few. Clearing and balancing the seven (red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, indigo and purple) main chakras can create the optimal time and space that will allow one to: manifest with more fluidity and clarity, open your heart, release emotions, build self confidence, allow one to resonate at a higher power In addition manifest that clear path to; better finances, relationships, employment, optimum health, and a deeper spiritual understanding to mention a few.

Dean has lived and traveled throughout China extensively. He has studied in cosmopolitan cities and practiced in towns and villages, working with some of the oldest practitioners in those regions. Some of the techniques and teachings have been in the following areas: traditional relaxation massage, reiki, chakra clearing techniques, and the art of breath and meditation. In addition, he has learned various modalities at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. Dean has hosted hundreds of workshops where professional healthcare practitioners would come to the Mind Body and Soul facility in Richmond Hill, ON and teach, run seminars, retreats and boot camps on spirituality and healing of the mind, body soul. He has worked with thousands of individuals over the past few decades. These include people suffering from depression, survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, people recovering from addictions, as well as those who deal with stress on a daily basis.

At Mind Body and Soul Self Help Support Centre Inc we have dedicated our lives to providing free supplementary health care. We offer a host of free ongoing programs from counselling, yoga, dance, art therapy support groups and much more.

For your donation, you will receive a charitable receipt, allowing for a large portion of the service to be reimbursed. The donation will help us to sustain our organization and allow us to continue offering free programs and services to the community.

We suggest a $30 donation for a 45-minute session and $50 for a 90-minute session . Other durations and arrangements can be made upon request. Your donation will help others in need of support as well as help mind body and soul continue healing those in need.

Thank you for your support :)


Dean Colford – Executive Director Mind Body and Soul



Massage sessions are by appointment only. Please reach us by telephone or email to book yours today!


More Information:

About Chakra Clearing

  • Chakra clearing provides a framework for you to understand your tendencies, behaviours and habits

  • Allows you to create better methods of coping and living a healthy pro-active lifestyle.

About Massage

  • Relaxation Massage is a timeless method of healing used by countless cultures throughout history.

  • Exposure to stress causes our bodies to go into a tense “fight or flight” mode

  • Massage allows a release of pent up tension and stress and brings our body back into a state of calm and relaxation.

About Reiki

  • Reiki accelerates the healing process in the body

  • Assists the body in cleansing toxins

  • Balances the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages

  • Helps the client contact the ‘healer within.’