Looking for new board and committee members!

Board /committee positions

Type of Position: Long Term

Our goal is to create a barrier-free environment where all of our participants are able to take part in all-inclusive support programs that create an equal opportunity regardless of social, financial, physical, emotional, spiritual or racial status. By creating this atmosphere, we hope to create an enhanced mind, body and soul experience for all participants. Our organization is committed to providing a safe, friendly non- judgmental environment for everyone looking for support throughout various aspects and stages of our lives

Board member positions are 3-year appointments with an estimated monthly commitment of 10 hours. Business is conducted by in person monthly Board and Committee meetings as well as through email and telephone. Duties of Board Members include:
Attend all meetings of the Board and Committees of which one is a member
Support and participate actively in one or more committees
Assist the agency in achieving its operational and strategic goals
Assist the agency in setting policy
Actively participate in all fundraising activities
Acts as a community ambassador for Mind, Body and Soul
Actively participate in the Boards regular meetings and any committee meetings , annual planning and evaluation efforts
Actively participate in the Board evaluation of the agency in achieving its mission

How to apply: Candidates should submit a resume and statement of interest to the attention of the Executive Director by email at dean@mindbodyandsoul.ca.