Community Unification Project

A Little Background

We have been blessed to have such wonderful support over the years. We originally built Mind Body and Soul in 2004 to help deliver programs based on mental health and wellness. Over the years we have expanded to include programs that enhance the general well-being of the community, by promoting the development of talent and potential in its individuals. Our programs have spanned multiple fields including the performing arts, visual arts, reading, group support, healthy living, fitness, gardening, hobbies, and more.

community unification project - original mbs

In August 2014, we launched our Charity Thrift Store & Café, which was intended to create employment opportunities to those from vulnerable populations. This has helped in sustaining our funding to provide space for programming, as well as providing training to individuals who may have difficulty attaining experience otherwise. We had youth and adults with intellectual disabilities  who worked with us at our store.

We have had much support from members in the community over the years. From professionals in the industry willing to lend a helping hand, to politicians providing vocal support and propelling awareness of our foundation. We have also welcomed every volunteer with open arms; currently we accept student placements and youth opportunities to contribute to facilitation of our programming and initiatives.

What’s Next?

To fulfill Our Dream. Our Dream is to bring community partners together under one roof, providing services, programming, and support for the community. We want to share resources, collaborate, and work together to provide optimal programming to reach all populations in need, and help individuals reach their fullest potential. This is our Community Unification Project.

community unification project - paper peopleWe want to join you. Partner with you. Share with you. Grow with you. You, the organizations, non-profits, charities, holistic practitioners, healthcare providers, social workers, community agencies, schools, clubs, etc, ALL OF YOU who work to enhance the development and togetherness of our communities, our cultures, and our minds, bodies, and souls.

The Community Unification Project

We had created a space available at  in Richmond Hill, ON, , in the heart of downtown Richmond Hill, . Join us. Collaborate with us.  Share with us. Together we can help maintain our communities and propel ourselves forward as one unit.( Our NEW PREMISES , is to be announced shortly)

Please call Dean Colford at 647-888-2192  or e-mail for further details.

community unification project - hands together growth