The Benefits of Writing

The Benefits of Writing
Necole Jackson
March 11, 2015

This past Christmas while thinking of gift ideas, I wanted to do something meaningful that my family could put to great use. I was also on a budget and wanted to be practical. Thinking back to past gifts I had received, I particularly enjoyed receiving journals and products related to writing. Writing has positively influenced my life and journals would be my gift of choice.

As a writer, it is an amazing feeling to be able to use this medium to express myself. Whether I am writing a news piece or randomly scribbling in a journal, I am able to put my thoughts on paper for either myself, or to share to the entire world. Writing in a journal is also great in regards to topics that are personal. Sharing my personal thoughts with my journal is my way of opening up to someone while ensuring secrecy. This is as opposed to negative venting that another individual has to put up with. This has the same effect, yet it is done positively and safely.

Writing doesn’t have to be your next Christmas gift to others, but you should consider taking up the hobby for yourself. Let that pen and paper be your own personal therapist. Let it be your voice when too shy to let people hear or too scared to tell others. Write it out, release your feelings, and share your thoughts. Many people may prefer therapy, but writing is a great cup of tea.