It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

The upbringing of a child surely involves the feeding, bathing, soothing and taking care of his/her other physical and emotional needs. Well, that’s not where you need a whole ‘village’ to assist! However, when it comes to shaping personalities, every interaction with the surrounding environment, the ‘village’, counts. And as today’s village is simply the whole world, kids may pick up their principles and attitudes from their daily cartoon show more than what they get from their neighbor, whom they see occasionally.

How is the surrounding environment important in shaping personalities?

Later, this child would break his or her childhood caterpillar and grow into a butterfly that soars into maturity skies. Those wings are not being formed overnight; they are being built one thought at a time over a long period. And those thoughts, attitudes and principles are the results of all the interactions that that child has had with the surrounding environment.

If the decision making process entirely lies within a mature being’s responsibility, the guiding thoughts and principles that govern that decision making process are the result of a long history of interacting with the ‘village’. As neither all villages nor all villagers are pleasant, some of those thoughts that we carry on as adults may be negative, sore or limiting.

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