Executive Director’s Message

Thank you for joining us at Mind Body and Soul Self Help Centre Inc. Our objective is to create an environment through which universal acceptance, respect, and dignity is the norm as opposed to the exception. I have been on this journey with Mind Body and Soul since 2004, and have watched its transition into a charitable organization in 2007.

DSCN1821My journey has not been an easy one. There were times at which I felt demoralized by some of the experiences and choices I had made in my personal life, as well as within the organization. It was through prayer, meditation, exercise, nutrition, cognitive behavior therapy and self love that I was able to stay on-course. Working through my personal experiences has been challenging; however, with love and understanding from those who are dear to me, I have learned to take the journey one day at a time. I live each day with inspiration, integrity, honesty and a deep trust in God.

I realize that this may sound cliché, but my experiences in life are a testament to the resounding truth of this statement:

“if I can do it, you can do it!”

-Dean Colford