About Us

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Welcome to Mind Body and Soul Self-Help Support Centre Inc.

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Mind Body and Soul Self-Help Support Centre Inc. is a community based organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who aspire to meet their full potential. Those who crave a balanced life through a unique integration of social support programs, education, physical fitness, and nutritional counselling are welcome. Our programs are designed to be empowering as we encourage a self-directed and proactive approach to overall mental health and living a life of excellence.

Mind Body and Soul creates meaningful volunteer opportunities intended to restore confidence, a sense of belonging and purpose. We also encourage those who are interested in facilitating, teaching and guest speaking.

Programs at Mind Body and Soul have included:

  • Tai Chi *Meditation * Fitness * Family Nutrition * Personal Training
  • Latin Dance * Guest Speakers * Women’s Support Groups
  • Yoga * Art Therapy * Journaling * Drumming *Relationship Workshops
  • Men’s Support Groups * Inspirational Movie Nights with discussion
  • Counselling* Couples and Individuals, and more

Our goal is to create a barrier-free environment where all of our participants are able to take part in all-inclusive support programs that create an equal opportunity regardless of social, financial, physical, emotional, spiritual or racial status. By creating this atmosphere, we hope to create an enhanced mind, body and soul experience for all participants. Our organization is committed to providing a safe, friendly non- judgmental environment for everyone looking for support throughout various aspects and stages of our lives. Embracing dignity, respect, truth, and the desire to live a life of excellence through compassion, understanding, a sense of community, and the pursuit of true inner peace and happiness.

The objective of our facility is to harmonize the mind, body and spirit by placing a strong emphasis on nutrition, healthy eating, affirmations, and physical fitness at a comfortable pace most importantly, support for one another.

Please join us! We have many new and exciting free programs to choose from, in addition to a host of guest speakers on a wide variety of topics.

Mind Body and Soul Self Help Support Centre Inc.