Mind Body and Soul Self-Help Support Centre Inc.


Spring WalkingWho We Are

Mind Body and Soul Self-Help Support Centre Inc. is a community -based organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who aspire to meet their full potential. We serve to connect our community to different initiatives and programs hosted by ourselves and our partners.

What We Offer

Mind Body and Soul Home - Programs Image Mind Body and Soul Self-Help Support Centre delivers free community programs to individuals of all ages. Programs …TBA..soon.Mind Body and Soul Home - Charity Store ImageThe Charity Thrift Store and Café offers housewares, furniture, clothing, accessories, books, and more at the lowest rates you’ll find..

Mind Body and Soul and the Community

We want to build connections and utilize the talents and skills of our members to develop together. We are open to providing volunteer opportunities in whatever field to help develop your strengths. Want to teach a class? Create a support group? Gain a space to deliver your services? Join us. We will be able to provide you the resources to help deliver your program or service.

Mind Body and Soul also actively attends events in the York Region and Toronto communities to help build relationships, and generate awareness of our activities. If you are interested in partnering with us for any activities or events, join us!